Fix Broken Notifications on HTC One

HTC’s update for the One M7 to fix the no audio on phone calls problem was nice. But it broke notifications for almost everything. Here is how to fix the HTC One M7 or M8 no notifications problem.

From the Settings menu select Accounts & Sync.


Tap on the account that notifications don’t work on.


Tap the three dot overflow menu and select remove. Confirm removal.

Along the top select the plus sign + to add the account back. Then select the account you removed in the previous step.



It will ask you to supply login information, enter your username and password and authorize HTC Sense if requested.

Now your notifications for that app will work. Repeat for each app that will not show notifications.

For apps that aren’t in the phone’s accounts list go into the app, log out and log back in. This should fix things. If not a more drastic measure is to log out, uninstall the app, re-install the app and log back in.

Update: This fixes things temporarily, but not permanently. It looks like after a day or so the notifications stop working again. You can see the last sync date in the settings, apps and sync section. The phone just isn’t syncing for a lot of apps. If you manually sync them notifications will pop up.

It does seem to sync more often than before I removed and re-added the accounts, but it’s still not doing a true push notification.

One way to to make it sync is to go to Settings, accounts and sync, click the On next to auto sync to turn auto sync off. Then tap it again to turn auto sync back on. This forces a re-sync to all accounts. It’s a one time event but will make notifications show up that one time.

The Lollipop update (if your phone has it yet) does fix the notification problem permanently.

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