HP Slate 8 Pro Android 4.4.2 KitKat Upgrade

I was pleasantly surprised by an update notification on my HP Slate 8 Pro letting me know that Android 4.4.2 was now available.

In addition to the normal 4.4 changes, so far the changes I’ve noticed are:

  • New boot screen animation
  • Updated settings icon
  • Apps that required 4.4 or had new versions for 4.4 updated after the OS update (G+, G Drive, Maps, Google Camera)
  • From the lock screen you can now launch directly into Google Now

The full version is now:

  • 3.4.66-gfaf77d2
  • androidbuild@cdc-linux-buildsrv14#1
  • Fri Jul 4 19:09:36 CST 2014
  • Build number 1.01.02(KOT49H)

Everything is running smooth and fast (maybe a little faster than before). So far no new bugs.

If you haven’t upgraded yet launch Settings, scroll to the bottom, select About Tablet, then System Updates.

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