Upside Review – Discounts on Gas, Groceries and Restaurants

I was recently looking for a way to save money on gas and came across Upside which promised to save me a bit on the price per gallon without much effort. Let’s see how it works and if it’s worth it (spoiler alert: it’s worth it).

The first thing to do is download the Upside app for Android or iOS. Here is a referral link that offers $0.40 per gallon saving on gas.

Disclosure, I get a modest compensation if you sign up through this link.

The first thing to do is create an account with Upside and login to the app. Then add the credit cards (only partial numbers are required) that you might use for purchases. You don’t buy through the app, but it does verify that you made the purchase through the credit card networks.

The screenshots above show the map view and how the screens look allowing selection of the three categories.

When you’re ready to buy gas there are a couple steps to take:

  1. Select the gas station you want to use
  2. Hit the “Claim” button
  3. Proceed to the gas station in the allotted time (usually a few hours)
  4. At the station check in and tell the app which of the credit cards you entered earlier you intend to use
  5. Fill up your tank and pay at the gas station as you normally would

That’s it. You then receive a notification from Upside after they verify the transaction with the details of the purchase and what you earned.

Here’s an example of a recent fill up I did at a 76 station where Upside had offered me two promotions. I earned $7.07 on a $68.51 gas purchase (some details obscured for privacy).

The funds sit in your account until you’re ready to cash out. Cash out can be done directly to a bank or PayPal for direct transfers. Or to a number of gift cards for national chain restaurants, home improvement and others. Amazon is also an option.

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