Infiniti Key Fob Synchronization

Sometimes an Infiniti Intelligent Key fob will become unrecognized by your car. The buttons on the remote will still work but the car will often complain of an incorrect key ID and the door handle buttons and hand sensor won’t work. To fix this you need to synchronize the car and the key.

I can attest to this for Q50/Q60 models but it probably works on other similar models in the family that use the intelligent keys.

Using the following steps:

  • Start with the driver window in the down position and the car off.
    Have someone hold the key fob outside of the car about ten feet away.
  • Sitting in the driver seat press the ignition button while your foot is off the brake. The car will make a soft beep.
  • Within five seconds of the ignition button press have the person bring the key to you through the open window and hold the key directly up to the ignition button.
  • It will make a beep again and should now be paired and synchronized.

You might have to do this a couple times but when it finally takes the ignition switch should work normally and the door handle buttons should work again.

If you don’t have another person you can try holding the key as far outside the open driver window as you can. This might have the same effect but it often isn’t far enough for the car to not be able to sense the key.

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