• How to Link to a Twitter Account Using a Twitter ID

    Twitter has two ways of identifying accounts, an @username that a user chooses and can change, and a Twitter ID that is permanent. The @username can present a problem of link rot over time as users change their handle, so sometimes linking directly to the Twitter ID is preferred.

    The first step is to get the Twitter ID from the current @username. Let’s use @CNN as an example. There are a few websites that do the conversion, but these sites seem to break from time to time. One that currently works is GetTwitterID.com. Read More

  • Fix Amazon Cloud Video Player Pink / Red Tint

    If Amazon videos played on your computer have a pink or red tint to them here is how to get them back to normal.
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  • Fastdailyfind.com Chrome New Tab Redirect Hijack Removal

    Today I found that when I opened a Google search result in a new tab I would be redirected to some really shady sites by way of Fastdailyfind.com. None of my other browsers were affected. Removing plugins and clearing cache didn’t help.
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  • Fix Google Chrome Pink Screen

    After updating to the latest version of Google Chrome, 32.0.1700.76 in my case, my Chrome browser windows all looked pink. Here is how to get the browser back to normal.
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  • Android Screen Castsing Comes to TiVo

    With Chromecast installed on Android and the latest TiVo 20.3.8 update a new option comes up when choosing which device to screen cast to, TiVo. Taking this option for a spin gives mixed results.

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  • Fixing Android wlan_rx_wake Locks at Home with a Guest WiFi Network

    Looking into why my phone (HTC One Android 4.4) won’t go into deep sleep because of wlan_rx_wake locks keeping it awake led to many things to try with no good solution. After installing WireShark on my PC I determined that my network connected printer was flooding the network with SSDP UPnP broadcast messages that would cause my phone to come out of sleep, acknowledge and then try to go back to sleep. The problem is that happened every five seconds or so.

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  • TiVo Wireless N Adapter Fails After Fall Update

    Both of my TiVo Premiere units updated to the latest fall update but the one connected via WiFi was having network problems.

    It would pass network diagnostics and would connect to the TiVo servers but would not get account information from TiVo or go beyond that point. A reboot of the TiVo, the wireless N adapter and router did nothing to fix it. There were a number of error codes that the TiVo generated but they all seemed dubious. The bar at the top of the TiVo Central menu that normally shows ads and other thing they think you might like was blank or said that TiVo services were unavailable at this time.

    The answer was to reset the wireless adapter and reconnect it to the WiFi network. Here is how to do that.
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  • Fix Broken Twitter Avatars and Images in Firefox

    Lately Twitter has been having some problems with broken avatar and background images in Firefox. I traced it back to a problem with OSCP validation of https://si0.twimg.com and https://pbs.twimg.com. The symptom is that random avatars, images and backgrounds display as broken. It looks like this:
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  • Extend Your DSLR Battery While Using Eye-Fi

    I picked up a 16GB Eye-Fi card and have really been happy with it. Good performance, reasonable capacity and the fact that it automatically transfers pictures to my computer is great. The only problem is that it really drags the battery down when not in connected to my network. That’s probably due to it constantly searching for the network. The simple trick is to turn off the WiFi connection when you’re going to be out and about and want the get the most out of the battery in the camera.
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  • How to Make a TiVo Quiet

    The default fan that comes in the TiVo DVR is either noisy from the start or gradually gets louder over time. In an entertainment center in the living room you might not even notice this, but if you have it in a bedroom it becomes very noticeable.

    I’ve gone through several different fans over the years and have settled on the Fractal Design Silent Series 50mm fan.
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