Extend Your DSLR Battery While Using Eye-Fi

I picked up a 16GB Eye-Fi card and have really been happy with it. Good performance, reasonable capacity and the fact that it automatically transfers pictures to my computer is great. The only problem is that it really drags the battery down when not in connected to my network. That’s probably due to it constantly searching for the network. The simple trick is to turn off the WiFi connection when you’re going to be out and about and want the get the most out of the battery in the camera.

I operate a Nikon D5100 and the instructions are for that model, but should follow a similar pattern for any Nikon of recent vintage.

With the card installed and the camera switch set to on:

  • Press Menu
  • Scroll down to the wrench icon, the setup menu
  • Scroll down to Eye-Fi upload
  • Press OK
  • Toggle to Disable
  • Press OK

You’re done. It will now say Eye-Fi upload OFF. When you’re back in range of your home network follow the same steps and toggle it to enable and uploads will resume.

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