Android Screen Castsing Comes to TiVo

With Chromecast installed on Android and the latest TiVo 20.3.8 update a new option comes up when choosing which device to screen cast to, TiVo. Taking this option for a spin gives mixed results.

For Netflix it will launch the TiVo Netflix app but then gives a timeout on the Android device. It leaves the TiVo Netflix app running, but just showing the basic menu that you get by manually launching Netflix from the TiVo menu. It appears that my TiVo does not yet have the newer Netflix interface which is required for this to work.

More interesting, because it works, is YouTube. The Android YouTube app has the same casting options that include TiVo but has the added advantage of playing the video that you ask it to play, though it took me two tries to get it to work. The quality was ok, not great.

The integration with the Chromecast DIAL protocol for these apps is obviously more functional and casting to Chromecast results in videos launching faster, but it’s nice to see TiVo stepping up to integrate better with mobile operating systems.

Other apps like HBO Go and the Google Play apps do not give TiVo options.

Screenshots by the author.

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